Eyes & Lip Care

Eyes & Lip Care

Healthy skin is always in and taking proper care of your eyes and lips should be a must for any beauty routine. From helping evening skin tone to minimizing  the appearance of fines lines, eye cream and lip care can have the power to make a world of difference. Ignoring these key components can lead to unhealthy or worn-looking skin. With the assistance of products, a few tips, and a little bit of time you can support the delicate eye and lip area.

Dr. Temt Eye Creams are specially formulated to address the delicate skin around our eyes.

Similarly, the Vienna Eye and Lip Balm is specifically designed to keep lips and eye area look healthy by restoring moisture that can be lost due to environmental conditions such as cold or windy weather. The Dr. Temt Eye Serum Gel can also be applied around the lip area to help with fine lines and applied to the under-eye area alone or layered under a Dr. Temt Eye Cream.

At Dr. Temt we believe in applying these products correctly day and night, but also making sure they can easily fit into any lifestyle and beauty routine!

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