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Science First

We don't do 'fad' products or ingredients. Instead, our 'science-first' approach to skincare means we use first-rate high performance ingredients and create Austrian skincare products that stand the test of time.

Results Driven

Dr. TEMT formulas are designed with industry leading, high performance key ingredients, created for you by hand in small batches. Outstanding key ingredients are used in higher concentration.

Salon Approved

Dr. TEMT has been supplying some of the leading Salon's and Med Spa's around the world for over 70+ years. Bring that salon experience home and elevate your skincare beauty routine.

Made by Hand

Our Dr. TEMT Skincare is handcrafted in small batches by our expert team of scientist and skincare professionals in Vienna, so we can ensure, and maintain first-rate quality from ingredient sourcing to hand packaging.

Give the gift of Beauty with
Dr. Temts skincare