Ampoules, Masks & Exfoliators

Ampoules, Masks & Exfoliators

Ampoules are a highly concentrated form of skincare, and they have been gaining immense popularity in the beauty world. Ampoules combine top-notch ingredients with high-level technology to deliver powerful results. If you want to take your skincare routine up a notch, incorporate an Ampoule into your skincare regime.

Dr.TEMT Ampoules contain high-dose ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins. When used regularly, ampoule benefits can range from brightening and firming effects to an evening-out skin tone for a more luminous appearance.

Dr.TEMT Ampoules can be layered with other Dr.TEMT skincare products such as face masks for added advantage. When used together, face masks help to further aid in moisture retention and ampoules help to provide the benefits of their high-dose key ingredients so your skin can get all the goodness from both!

Using masks in your skincare routine is another way to further achieve desired results. Masks deliver extra benefits for increased hydration and better skin clarity, making them the perfect complement to an ampoule routine. To maximize their benefits, try layering masks on top of an ampoule treatment – together they can make all the difference in achieving that glowing effect you desire!

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