Ultra C Concentrate

NEW PACKAGING Announcement for the Dr. Temt Ultra C Concentrate 1 fl.oz                                                                                       [...]

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Hydro Complex Line

NEW PACKAGING Announcement for Dr. Temt Hydro Complex Line                                                                          before                 n o w [...]

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Collagen Plus Serum

NEW PACKAGING Announcement for the Dr. Temt Collagen Plus Serum 1 fl.oz                                before                                                        [...]

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Elience Launch

January 2018 NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH We are excited to launch the new Dr.Temt  ELIENCE AGE DEFENSE Products THE NEW DIMENSION OF ULTIMATE SKINCARE A MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SKIN CARE LINE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - PHOTO-AGING  (From the age of 25 years) Formulations combine unique state of the art ingredients infused by powerful phyto-stem cell technology. ELIENCE skin care [...]

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