TEMT BRIGHTENING SHEET MASK * * A soft tissue mask embedded with rich serums helps to support the skin’s natural regeneration and hydration. With a concentrated mix of ingredients, including apple stem cells and purified oat extract, this mask helps to fight the appearance of aging signs. What Is It For ? A [...]

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TEMT CLEANSING SHEET MASK * * An activated black charcoal sheet mask based on steam-activated Bamboo fibers infused with Vitamin A. It helps to minimize the appearance of impurities, cleanses pores, and assists the look of the skin’s surface to perfection. What Is It For ? Made to cleanse the skin and pores [...]

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Blue Light

HEV stands for high-energy visible light. It is a component of white light and comes from the cell phone and computer screens, tv screens and also from the sun. HEV light is the most energetic visible light that can result in the most biological effects, mainly in the skin and eyes. Dr. TEMT Laboratories [...]

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How summer affects our skin

HYDRO COMPLEX SKINCARE COLLECTION with Hyaluronic Acid and Aquaderm With rising temperatures, our skin needs additional care. Either we spend time outside or we are in air-conditioned rooms, our skin is affected and leads to dryness. Hot weather temperatures result in water loss when we sweat more. That is why we [...]

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Resolution Sensitive Launch

RESOLUTION SENSITIVE  Launch  Dr. Temt Laboratories is always searching for the newest innovative ingredients.  Resolution Complex line has been upgraded and is now called Resolution Sensitive Line. What is NEW? Dr. Temt Laboratories is always researching for the newest and best resulted ingredients and developing newer [...]

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Rich Textured Creams

HOW WINTER AFFECTS OUR SKIN? As winter temperatures fall and the air gets drier, our skin looses moisture which leads to wrinkles / premature aging.  As winter months approach, it's recommended to sway your light cream for a richer cream. In order to protect your skin and give it lasting moisture. [...]

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Hydrohilic Oil with Azulene

Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene is one of Dr.Temt unique cleanser, ideal for all skin types. What is Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene? "Hydrophilic" means "Water Loving" - When Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene comes in contact with water it creates a milky hydro lipid texture, [...]

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Collagen Management Launch

COLLAGEN MANAGEMENT LAUNCH REJUVENATE    HYDRATE      DEFINE   REGENERATE   Introducing a revolutionary method to uplift your skin For all skin types specially dry & demanding skin A ONCE IN A LIFETIME SKIN CARE LINE This skin care line is designed for tired, sagging looking skin, provides a powerful key ingredients combination and a smart [...]

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