An activated black charcoal sheet mask based on steam-activated Bamboo fibers infused with Vitamin A. It helps to minimize the appearance of impurities, cleanses pores, and assists the look of the skin’s surface to perfection.

What Is It For ?

Made to cleanse the skin and pores deeply.

What Is The Science?

The combination of activated charcoal sheet-mask infused with Vitamin A promotes the equal distribution of ingredients across the contours of the face.

What Is The Result?

Refined pores and a lush, cleansed feeling.

When to use?

Professional Use:Incorporate this mask in your facial treatment. This mask is also ideal for a mini facial, easy to use, fast application and removal.
Home Care:Use it weekly, or whenever in need of that extra pampering.

A single-use mask based on carbonated high surface structure fibers from steam-activated Bamboo pre-dosed with Vitamin A. With the support helping to minimize the appearance of impurities, the essential key ingredient is based on mastic, an aromatic resin coming from the bark of a tree that grows on the Greek island of Chios. Made to manage imperfections, fight shininess, and help to keep skin clear and fresh. ME TIME Cleansing Mask is a great companion for those that need to fight those everyday impure-prone skin.

How to use: As a single-use mask, take a little care when removing it from the packaging to get the most serum results. After cleansing, treat yourself to a nice rush to the face with this pre-dosed paper-thin mask with free eyes, nose, and mouth areas. Lay the mask gently over the face patting it into the skin to perfectly sit across all your contours. Firmly secure the mask using the two loops for either ear. After between 15-20 minutes, slowly peel the mask away from the face. Softly rub the remaining mask into the skin until your skin has absorbed every last molecule. Follow up with your favored moisturizer. Use weekly.

Key Ingredients:

AC.NET™: A powerful combination of Oleanic acid and Nordihydroguaiaretic acid helps balance oiliness.

PoreAway®: It helps to fight large pores and helps to mattify the skin.

Retinyl palmitate: Skin softening, smoothing, and thickening properties.

Biotin (Vitamin H): Essential for maintaining skin moisture levels and contributing to healthy-looking skin.