Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene

Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene is one of Dr.Temt unique cleanser, ideal for all skin types.

What is Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene?

Hydrophilic” means “Water Loving” – When Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene comes in contact with water it creates a milky hydro lipid texture, which ensures a gentle yet thorough face cleansing, while leaving NO oily residue on the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and delicate skin!

Why is it unique?

Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene is formulated with botanical ingredients like Azulene that is thought to assist in calming a wide variety of skin irritations and conditions due to it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and soothing properties. Almond oil is rich in Vitamins A, B, & E. Which is beneficial to your skin health.

Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene is¬†a multipurpose deep pore cleanser, which also removes make-up, even¬†mascara. It can also be use as a massage oil (Face & Body)¬†and a pre-shave oil, providing a fantastic “close shave”, say good-bye to shaving creams and hello to Hydrophilic Oil with¬†Azulene¬†all while protecting the skin’s delicate moisture balance.

How to use?

Face Cleanser: Apply a small amount of Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene to face, neck, and eye area, massage into the skin until an emulsion is form. After cleansing, rinse off thoroughly with water. Leaves the skin soft, supple, and fresh. If removing mascara, use a facial cotton pad, add a few drops of Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene to facial cotton pad, close your eyelids, press gently at the root of the lashes and gently move downward to the lashes tips, use a fresh/clean facial cotton pad every time, repeat this step until all mascara has been removed, rinse with water.

Massage Oil: Pour Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene into the palm of one hand and then rub both palms together to spread the oil evenly, proceed with massage (face & body).

Pre Shave Oil: On dry skin apply Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene to your hands and gently rub it on the parts of your body you desired to shave (ideal for legs, and beards), proceed by shaving, and rinse afterwards.

Both women & men can use this cleanser.

 From early as a teenagers, all the way through adulthood.

Available in 3 retail sizes for consumers & in 2 ¬†professional sizes for salons, spa’s, & dermatologist offices.