Why Dr. Temt ?


The traditional brand from Vienna, Austria.

“Viennese beauty that is more than skin deep”

Established in 1947 in the Austrian tradition of excellence, Dr. Temt Laboratories

produces innovative products with cutting-edge ingredients.

Dr. Temt effective professional treatment products work synergistically with Dr. Temt home care products.

Throughout the years Dr. Temt has designed many skin care lines, we cater products available for all skin types.

We are well aware that times are changing pretty fast but we are always up to date with the latest trends, developing newer formulations to help you take better care of your skin.

Another fact that sets Dr. Temt products apart from all other skin care products is that our moisturizers have a delicate consistency; you won’t feel like you have thick cream on your skin. Once you apply a Dr. Temt moisturizer the moment it touches your skin it penetrates quickly, but sustainably and intense leaving no residue. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a moisturizer.


Time release formulations are products which contain a slower delivery mechanism as opposed to the ingredients acting at once when directly applied to the skin. This means that throughout the day the ingredients will release slowly prolonging its benefits.





The products are produced with cutting edge ingredients in small, handmade batches.

Freshness of the products is guaranteed.

Handmade & highest quality!

Some of Dr.Temt’s original products haven’t changed. Why?

Because they’re effective, over time they became classics.


Being in the skin care industry you’re always on the run, and constantly looking for newer, and better products to add to your cabinets of professional skin care products.

Dr. Temt has the solution to make it a bit easier for you as a professional license; most of our products are created with a high volume of ingredients. For this particular reason Dr. Temt products aren’t required to be used alongside expensive equipments for results to be achieved.

Yes, our gel based products (Gel Ampoules & Gel Mask) – can be used with ultra sound, galvanic, needling & high frequency.

We take pride in our high quality products.